VVV.com Up For Auction on NameJet

VVV.com, a rare triple repeating letter .com domain name, is being sold at auction on NameJet. More information can be found here.

Mike –

Not sure why that sounds like $30k – $40k to you, but if you feel that is what it is worth, then bid away!

Similar domains have all sold in the $250k – $5 Million range. There is not one single domain in this category (repeating LLL.com or NNN.com) which is available under $300,000 right now. NOT ONE.

I will pay you $5,000 personally, and I mean it, if you can buy ANY repeating CCC.com (letter or number) for under this price and sell it to me.

Anyhow, all I was saying that the offers which are coming to us directly outside of NameJet are well above the reserve we have in place.

The name will sell to the highest bidder, that I’m sure of…

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